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2009 Chapter Presentations


On this page you can download and review the presentations that were given at our monthly chapter meetings in 2009. Slide decks are added to this page once the presentation has been delivered to our chapter members and we have permission from the author to publish it.

  November 2009 - "Achieving the Promise of a More Consolidated and Virtualized Network Security Infrastructure"
  September 2009 - "The Evolving Threat Landscape"
  June 2009 - "Are Clouds Secure?"
  May 2009 - "Security and Open Source Software"
  April 2009 - “Your Browser Wears No Clothes" / "SaS and Cloud Security"
  March 2009 - "Endpoint Encryption: Evolution and Trends in Data Security"
  February 2009 - "SQL Injection 2.0"
  January 2009 - "IT Security: Achieving Operational Maturity"


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