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Hello and Happy New Year

We are excited to start the 2022 New Year with a great presentation by Steve Hunt, "The Surprising Secrets of the Most Cyber Resilient Organizations". The San Francisco Chapter Meeting is on Jan 19, 2022 04:00 PM Pacific Time.

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Chapter Virtual Meeting

January 19, 2022

When: January 19, 2022
Time: 04:00 PM Pacific Time
Presenter: ISSA Members

Topic: "The Surprising Secrets of the Most Cyber Resilient Organizations"

Meeting Agenda: (All times Pacific)

04:00 PM - 04:45 PM: Welcome/Meet & Greet
04:45 PM - 05:00 PM: Chapter Business
05:00 PM - 06:00 PM: Meeting Presentation

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Topic: "The Surprising Secrets of the Most Cyber Resilient Organizations"
Learn the keys to excellence practiced at the best-run and most cyber-resilient organizations in the world. Steve Hunt, an inductee into the ISSA Cybersecurity Hall of Fame, studied 400 companies worldwide to discover steps you can take today to boost your organization’s resilience. Learn what you can do to drive management to give you more budget, more headcount, and more enthusiastic support. Everyone will leave this session feeling more empowered about their work life, with actionable practical steps to take Monday, not someday.

Speaker: Steve Hunt
Steve Hunt is an investor, advisor, industry analyst, and executive coach. Steve has been entrenched in the world of the highest achievers in business for over three decades. He has coached executives at British Petroleum, Microsoft, Lockheed Martin, the White House, Cisco, and IBM and has assisted more than 400 global organizations in optimizing success in operations and leadership.
Steve has appeared as an analyst on CNBC, Fox News, CNN, and other news programs. His analysis has appeared in The Financial Times, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Forbes, and other global publications. He was inducted into the Cyber Security Industry (ISSA) Hall of Fame, founded Communities of Excellence, and CSO Magazine presented him with the Industry Visionary Compass Award. He has earned CPP and CISSP certifications, attended Elizabethtown College, and was a graduate fellow at the University of Chicago. Steve's diverse background lends a fresh perspective on business and society.

SF Bay ISSA 2021 Past Presentations

The SFBay ISSA Chapter was pleased to have David Movshovitz (Co Founder and CTO @TrackerDetect) present on "How to identify abnormal users applications’ behaviors quickly and accurately without false alarms?" for our September Chapter Meeting.
September 2021 Chapter Meeting

If you were not able to attend the August Chapter meeting concerning Passwordless Identity, you can watch the recorded session here, ISSA August Presentation". We want to thank Transmit Security for allowing Craig to talk about the hot topic of "Passwordless Identity.


The San Francisco Bay Area ISSA organization wants to thank everyone who attended as well as the groups that participated in the Technology Workforce Collaborative summit, techwc.org. If you were not able to attend, you can view the summit here,

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How do I join ISSA?

The Information Systems Security Association (ISSA) International web site handles all new membership applications. Select "San Francisco (USA)" for your chapter affiliation, complete the form, provide payment, and submit. If you're ready to become a member or need to renew your membership, visit the ISSA Join Online page.

SFBay ISSA Board

President: Jimmy Sanders
Vice President: Patrick Huber
Programs Director: Kimberly Quan
Communications Director: Hakeem Oseni
Treasurer: R. Daniel Lee
Membership Director: Terry Quan
Recording Secretary: Shimon Modi

To contact all board members, please email:  board at sfbay dot issa dot org

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Technology Career Accelerator:
The keys to unlock the doors to your technology career!

We want to thank everyone who attended and the groups that participated in the April 2021, Technology Workforce Collaborative summit. If you were not able to attend, you can view the summit here, https://youtu.be/Bl25cN4DPqw

The SF Bay ISSA partnered with the following groups the event,

Technology Workforce Collaborative



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Looking for Great Speakers

The SFBay ISSA Chapter is always looking for great presenters. If you or your company have a presentation or a topic of interest, please contact vicepresident [at] sfbay.issa.org with the proposed title, abstract, and speaker biography. The presentation cannot be a "sales/product pitch." However, it is okay for the speaker to take a minute or two to establish their expertise in the area and the company at which they work." The presentation should last no more than 45 minutes excluding a 10-15 minute question and answer session.

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ISSA is a not-for-profit, volunteer organization providing a forum for education, publications, and peer interaction opportunities that enhance the knowledge, skills, and professional growth of its members. A goal of the ISSA is to promote the best practices that will ensure availability, integrity, and confidentiality of organizational resources. The purpose of the SF Bay Area ISSA chapter is to have a local venue for interacting with your colleagues in the security profession.

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