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November 2018 Chapter Meeting
November 14, 2018

245 Market St San Francisco, CA 94105
(12-1pm lunch, 1pm-2:30pm meeting)

Topic: Supercharging Investigations with GPUs & Graphs
Speaker: Leo Meyerovich, co-founder Graphistry

Supercharging Investigations with GPUs & Graphs

Security and fraud investigations often require sifting through many logs and transactions, yet typical search and dashboard tools feel closer to 1985 technology than 2045. This talk shares two technologies Graphistry has been developing to supercharge the investigation process. First, we show how GPU cloud streaming scales visual analytics, and especially so for link analysis. The improvement often enables analysts to see all of their data for the first time. Scaling visibility is fundamental to areas like threat hunting where analysts must frequently explain new and changing datasets. Second, we introduce the idea of visual investigation templates, which enables workflow automation and collaboration with unusually strong support for investigative tasks. When used in teams tackling problems like security and fraud, these can mean the difference between minutes vs. hours, or even making the right insight at all. We will ground our examples from security (ex: improving incident response with Splunk) and fraud (ex: better analysis of credit card running in Spark)


Leo Meyerovich co-founded Graphistry to build a smarter interface for visual event analysis. Graphistry builds upon the team's pioneering work at Berkeley on GPU visual analytics. His most cited research is in security & verification. Leo's earlier work includes the first reactive web language, the first parallel web browser, and analyzing the social foundations of programming languages. His research has inspired new systems at companies including Facebook, Microsoft, and Mozilla. Has received research awards (PLDI, OOPSLA x 2, SIGPLAN best of year), and was supported by various grants and fellowships (NSF, first Qualcomm Innovation Fellow).

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