Board Duties

The Board of Directors oversees the operations of the chapter. It is comprised of different positions with specific roles and responsibilities. All Board members are elected by the chapter membership. Yearly election is conducted towards the end of February. Newly elected officers are announced at the March chapter meeting and start their term in April. Following are the officers and their corresponding responsibilities.

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President: Jimmy Sanders
Email:   president at sfbay dot issa dot org

Vice President: Kimberly Quan
Email:   vicepresident at sfbay dot issa dot org

Programs Director: Vacant
Email:   programs at sfbay dot issa dot org

Communications Director: Jim Dowell
Email:   communications at sfbay dot issa dot org

Treasurer: R. Daniel Lee
Email:   treasurer at sfbay dot issa dot org

Membership Director: Terry Quan
Email:   membership at sfbay dot issa dot org

Recording Secretary:
Email:   recordingsecretary at sfbay dot issa dot org



president at sfbay dot issa dot org

This position provides overall leadership in the management of the chapter operations. The President is the chairperson of the chapter Board of Directors. Ongoing responsibilities include:

  • Presides on chapter meetings and Board meetings.
  • Leads business planning and review of progress or implementation.
  • Reviews and manages chapter budget and ensures that only authorized signatory approves/sign outgoing money.
  • Interfaces with ISSA International by representing the chapter in the annual conference and the Presidents’ quarterly meetings.
  • Partners with other chapters and security related professional organizations.
  • Point of contact for media, vendors, presenters, sponsors and other organizations interested to provide support to the chapter.
  • Leads resolution of chapter issues.


Vice President

vicepresident at sfbay dot issa dot org

The Vice President shall attend to the duties of the President in his/her absence or in case the President’s office may become vacant for any cause whatever, and shall attend to any other duties the President may require. Ongoing responsibilities include:

  • Leads planning of monthly presentations and meeting logistics for the Chapter, including review of topics and presenters to assure relevancy to the educational goal of the chapter.
  • Ensure monthly presentations calendar is published in newsletter/website.
  • Assists the President in collaborating with other chapters and information security. organizations to enhance SF chapter value to membership.
  • Participates or take leadership role in other special activities of the chapter, as needed.


Programs Director

programs at sfbay dot issa dot org

The Programs Director oversees all educational activities and events to support the chapter business plan that focuses on Education, Chapter Relations, Community, Marketing, and Sponsorship. This position coordinates educational activities pertaining to the study groups, conferences and other security seminars being hosted by the Chapter. (e.g.; the annual chapter conference, CISSP CBK study group, etc.). Ongoing responsibilities include:

  • Facilitates activity planning, logistics and delivery.
  • Proposes and manages budget pertaining to planned activities.
  • Ensures activity information is published in newsletter/website.
  • Ensures activity information is communicated to ISSA International for insertion into Password and www.issa.org.
  • Coordinates with ISSA Headquarters and ISC2 on local sponsorship of CBK review and CISSP certification.


Communications Director

communications at sfbay dot issa dot org

The Communications Director is responsible for the consistent, accurate, and timely communications of all chapter activities and relevant communiqués to all chapter members. The Communications Director is also responsible for the preparation and distribution of the chapter newsletter. Ongoing responsibilities include:

  • Maintains and updates web site as needed.
  • Works closely with the following officers: Vice President for monthly meeting presentations; Membership Director for relevant membership information to be disseminated; Programs Director for new activities or update to existing ones.
  • Participates or take leadership role in other special activities of the chapter, as needed.



treasurer at sfbay dot issa dot org

The Treasurer is responsible for managing the finances of the chapter. This position collects all monies and dues for the chapter and tracks use of such monies for chapter operations. Ongoing responsibilities include:

  • Collects all monies or articles of value belonging to the Chapter, and shall keep an accurate account of all treasury receipts, expenditures, and deposits.
  • Receives the chapter portion of all membership dues coming from International HQ and deposits it in the chapter checking account.
  • Performs monthly bank reconciliation.
  • Prepares quarterly, or as needed, report for the Board; which is normally shared at the chapter meetings.
  • Works with an auditor to review the books of the chapter to ensure consistency with approved budget as well as the recorded incoming and outgoing money.
  • Prepares an annual report to be shared with all the members of the chapter.
  • Ensures that only authorized signatory authority for all accounts are the ones approving/signing.
  • Participates or take leadership role in other special activities of the chapter, as needed.


Membership Director

membership at sfbay dot issa dot org

The Membership Director is responsible for all matters related to chapter membership such as providing assistance to prospective members on how to join, welcoming new members, maintaining database of membership, interfacing with ISSA International Headquarters to reconcile chapter membership record, and updating chapter distribution list. Ongoing responsibilities include:

  • Sends “Welcome” letter to new members that provides chapter info as well as forthcoming chapter meeting info.
  • Manages the reception desk at monthly meeting site by preparing sign-in sheet, registering attendees, and providing completed sign-in sheet to site security guards and the Communications Director for inclusion in newsletter distribution.
  • Creates and maintains name badges for members.
  • Provides membership brochures at the chapter meeting or as requested by prospective member.
  • Contacts disabled/terminating members to encourage ongoing membership and determine their reason for termination.
  • Reports membership status to the Board of Directors
  • Writes a membership report for the monthly newsletter containing new members, updates that may affect chapter membership, and assistance in updating CPE record.
  • Participates or take leadership role in other special activities of the chapter, as needed.


Recording Secretary

recordingsecretary at sfbay dot issa dot org

The Recording Secretary shall take minutes of all Board meetings, including how called or authorized, notice given thereof, place and time of holding, and the names of those present, and shall keep a copy of such minutes and distribute to the Board. The Secretary shall collect and distribute the Chapter mail. The Secretary shall keep a copy of the current Bylaws, which will be available for the inspection by the members at all reasonable times. The Secretary shall keep an inventory record of all Chapter-owned equipment. The Secretary shall maintain and distribute an electronic distribution list of the Board members, including lists of Board Members work and home information. The Secretary will also maintain a Chapter calendar. Ongoing responsibilities include:

  • Monthly:
    • No action required.
  • Bi-Monthly:
    • Arrange Board meeting date, time and location or teleconference (schedule 2 weeks before Chapter Meeting).
    • Notify Board members of the Board meeting (2 weeks prior).
    • Send Board members an agenda for the meeting (1 week prior).
    • Attend Board meeting.
    • Prepare minutes of Board Meeting.
    • Distribute minutes of Board Meeting to all Board Members.
  • Annually:
    • Prepare and mail election documents, during election years from Board members at large to ISSA Headquarters.
  • As required:
    • Collect mail from Post Office box, if utilized.

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